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Warranty service

Buying appliances in DiDi, you get the reliability with the guarantee. All products online DiDi are sold with a manufacturer's warranty that is valid in the territory of Ukraine. The warranty period and detailed terms of the warranty of each specific product is specified in operational documents.

Warranty becomes effective only in case of presence of a seal/stamp of the store is filled with the seller of the original warranty certificate of the manufacturer issued for each product after the sale. Pay attention to this during checkout!

Before you start operation, we recommend You to carefully read the warranty and instruction manual — this will help prevent possible problems in case of improper use of the product.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, it is necessary to maintain during the warranty period, all the documents attached to the product when it is sold. The warranty card is included with the product, it can also be placed on the first or last page of the original instruction to the technique.

Warranty repair is carried out within the applicable warranty period by the manufacturer (authorized service center) under the following conditions:

  • having completed the warranty card with the seal/stamp of the seller;
  • document, which confirms payment for the goods;
  • save all provided the seals on the goods.

Please note that the warranty does not apply to product malfunctions which have arisen after transfer of the goods to the buyer as a result of:

  • Violations of rules of consumer use, storage or transport of the goods listed in the accompanying operational documents (instructions);
  • Unauthorized repair;
  • Variance of the norms of a nutritious, telecommunications and cable networks;
  • Improper installation and connection of the product.
  • Where to go for warranty service

Repair techniques carried out by authorized manufacturer service centers. Information on service centers contains:

  • Official website of the manufacturer/brand.
  • Original warranty card for the goods.

Also information about the addresses of authorized service centers You can get by phone (044) 209-90-91.

For warranty repair, you must have:

  • Proof of purchase of the product online DiDi;
  • Completed warranty card with the seal/stamp of the shop where you purchased;
  • The product is complete package with integral seals, if any on the product.

If you have any additional questions regarding warranty service can contact us by phone (044) 209-90-91, write our online consultants on the website www.didi.com.ua or mail [email protected].