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Shipping and payment

Making an order

Please note: all the rights provided for in the Law "On Consumer Rights Protection" apply to the customers of our store.

You can place an order in two ways.

  • using the "Basket" directly in the store (the method is described below)
  • by phone.

Ordering using the "Basket" allows you to fully control the process. By entering your e-mail and password that you selected during registration, you will get access to the status of your order. You will be able to control the receipt of payment by us, the dispatch of the order to you, the date of receipt of the order, the history of all previous orders.

Terms of delivery

  1. The received Goods are delivered to the address specified by the Customer on the date agreed with the store, according to the time intervals valid in the delivery city of the Customer's choice, with a preliminary call to the phone number specified by the customer an hour before the arrival of the crew to the place of delivery of the goods.
  2. Delivery is carried out with unhindered access of the car to the entrance of the Client's house.
  3. The packed goods are entered in a pre-prepared place only if:

    • The dimensions of the packed goods do not exceed the dimensions of entrance doors, staircases, platforms;
    • Unhindered access of delivery service employees in the entrance: passages and staircases, etc.;
    • no rearrangement of furniture or other items is required;
    • The distance between the door frame or wall and each side of the goods in the package is at least 5 cm.;
    • No need to unpack the goods to move it around the house;
    • there is no need to remove the door panels from the hinges in the room;

    If any of the above reasons arise, the Goods will be handed over to the Customer at the place where the obstacles have arisen, or returned to the delivery staff.

  4. You need to work together with a delivery employee:

    • Check the completeness of the entire order and each product separately;
    • make sure that there are no mechanical damages on the Product and, if there are no claims, sign a package of accompanying documents indicating the full name and date of receipt of the goods.
  5. The operability of the Goods is not checked by the delivery staff.

  6. Additional services are not provided by dostak employees.

Delivery in Kiev: 200 UAH.

The price for delivery may vary depending on the size of the product:

  • Portable equipment (e.g. smartphones, headphones) – 200 UAH;
  • Small household appliances (e.g. hair dryer, razor, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, grill); – 200 UAH

Large household appliances:

  • Refrigerator side by side – 400 UAH;
  • Refrigerator – 200 UAH;
  • Freezer - 200 UAH;
  • Washing machine – 200 UAH;
  • Oven – 200 UAH;
  • Dishwasher – 200 UAH;
  • Full–size stove - 200 UAH;
  • Water heater 80-100L. – 200 UAH;
  • Kitchen hood – 250 UAH;
  • Air conditioning – 200 UAH;


  • 40-50 inches – 200 UAH;
  • 55 inches – 300 UAH;
  • 65-69 inches – 300 UAH.
  • 70-85 inches – 400 UAH.
  • 85 inches and more – 400 UAH.

Our courier will deliver the order to the specified address from 14:00 to 22:00. After a preliminary call from the operator, the courier will additionally contact to warn about departure to the delivery address (approximately 20 minutes in advance).

Delivery is possible from 14:00-18:00 at the rate of blitz delivery by agreement with the manager.

Deliveries outside Kiev are carried out from 18.00 to 23:00

The cost of delivery for some districts of Kiev and the Kiev region is calculated individually. Check the cost of delivery with the call center operator.

Courier delivery is carried out up to the entrance , if no skidding is agreed (additional service). Delivery outside Kiev is carried out at additional rates.

Urgent delivery — 150 UAH. (for small-sized goods), for large-sized: 150 UAH + tariff in Kiev.

Urgent delivery can be carried out if the goods are in stock and a free courier is available, at any convenient time from 14:00 to 21:00 in the interval of 1 hour, but not earlier than 3 hours after placing the order.

Bringing the goods into the apartment

NameSkidding to the 1st floor or by elevatorSkidding to the 2nd floor and above without elevator
Air conditioners150 UAH150 UAH (per floor)
Small household appliances100 UAH60 UAH (per floor)
Boiler150 UAH100 UAH (per floor)
Cooking Surface100 UAH100 UAH (per floor)
Stove (gas-electricity)200 UAH150 UAH (per floor)
Washing machine200 UAH200 UAH (per floor)
Oven150 UAH150 UAH (per floor)
Dishwasher150 UAH150 UAH (per floor)
Refrigerator300 UAH (according to the contract.)by agreement.
Refrigerator Side-by-Side400 UAH (according to the contract.)by agreement.
Tvs 40-50150 UAH100 UAH (per floor)
Tvs 55120 UAH skidding and turning on TV*100 UAH (per floor)
TVs 65-69150 UAH skidding and turning on TV*150 UAH (per floor)
TVs 70-85200 UAH skidding and turning on TV*200 UAH (per floor)
TVs 86” and above250 UAH skidding and turning on TV*200 UAH (per floor)

Delivery in Ukraine

It is carried out by the logistics company "Novaya Pochta". Depending on the size, price and delivery time of the goods, the store may ask for from 10% to 100% prepayment.


All products sold in our store are guaranteed from 2 weeks to 120 months, depending on the manufacturer's service policy. The warranty period is indicated in the description of each product on our website. The manufacturer's warranty card, or DiDi warranty card, serves as a confirmation of warranty obligations.

The completeness and absence of defects in the product are checked when the goods are handed over to the buyer. The completeness of the product is determined by the product description or its operating manual.