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Returns and exchanges

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On protection of consumer rights" you may within 14 days from the date of purchase to return the goods, subject to fulfilment of all the norms stipulated by Law.

Conditions of exchange/return of goods adequate quality

Article 9. According to the law of Ukraine "On protection of consumer rights":

The consumer has the right to exchange nonfood goods of proper quality at the same dealer where it was purchased, if the goods did not satisfy it under the form, size, style, color, size or other reasons can not be used. The consumer has the right to exchange the goods of proper quality within fourteen days, excluding the day of purchase.

Exchange of goods of appropriate quality is produced:

  • if it is not used;
  • if its trade dress;
  • consumer properties, seals, labels;
  • payment document given to the consumer together with the sold item.

Presentation: New product sold with factory protective films, it is one of the factors determining the vendibility. The exposed charger, headset, all wiring and battery have protective films. The buyer should remember that damage these elements of the packing is not recommended! There should be no scuffs and scratches on the product.

Not used: All the electronics supplied with the software by default. To check a device was used or not, can authorized service center or Manager who receives the goods. In case of detection of third-party software, changes in settings, traces of usage (files, photos, notes, videos) store may reserve the right to refuse the client as a violation of this paragraph.

Seals, labels and design documents: this paragraph relates to presentation. In case you have lost any document, information or data broke a seal on the product - the situation is similar. Settlement documents you must provide original receipt and warranty card for a refund.

Accessories — must all be returned unopened accessories. If there are signs of opening of the accessory attempts to re-package (especially PE packing or blister) — the goods can not be returned. When can you get them back? You can cancel the purchase by checking it before the sale.

Conditions of exchange/return of goods inadequate quality

Article 8. According to the law of Ukraine "On protection of consumers' rights:

In case of detection during the warranty period disadvantages the consumer, in the manner and within the terms established by the legislation, has the right to demand:

  • proportional reduction of the price;
  • free elimination of defects in the goods within a reasonable time;
  • reimbursement of expenses on elimination of defects.

Customer requirements provided for by this article, not subject to satisfaction if the seller, manufacturer (enterprise that meets customer requirements established by part one of this article) proves that the defects occurred due to violation by the consumer of rules of use of the goods or its storage. The consumer may participate in quality control of goods in person or through a representative.

Full and updated text of revision of the Law on consumer protection.