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Selection of acoustics in our online store is very wide. All devices feature the signature quality and will appreciate the sound and stylish appearance. Here you can buy acoustics, which is ideal for any devices.

Diversity without borders

Opening the catalog, you will see that the speakers and other acoustic devices different price, which may vary from low to high. The reason that different vehicle characteristics. More expensive models have a unique sound quality, which will provide the maximum effect of presence. When the presence of such devices, listen to concerts or your favorite music solid fun. Budget options also have good sound, but maybe less functional settings. However, this is a great opportunity with minimal financial capacity to purchase in our store column decent quality.

Stylish and practical acoustics

The appearance and reliability of the acoustics plays an important role. Define the main task, which is bought phonics online store which offers at competitive prices. With the active lifestyle, travel the best option is the compact model in strong body, as well as with the ability to work offline.

For home use or in the office suitable models more overall, which will provide an excellent loud sound.

Case design can be very different, there are no particular recommendations, and worth to start from their own preferences. The most versatile multimedia column – rectangular, they fit into any interior. Techno style or classic – in any case, the product will be quality and comfortable.

Convenient and mobile speakers

Determine need and type of such equipment – wired or wireless. A lot depends on the conditions of use acoustics if needed maximum mobility, the second option is ideal. The first option is often buy for home or office rooms, where all devices attached to a particular place.

The sound quality varies depending on cost and use technologies in production equipment. Detailed look at the technical parameters in the description of each device.

Our online consultants are always happy to help you select the columns and will pick up the necessary accessories.

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    Price, uah
The number of channels
Speaker power, W
The number of bands
Sensitivity, dB
USB connector
Type loudspeakers
Power subwoofer, W
Time battery life, CH.
Material columns
In stock
4 023 uah
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4 379 uah
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4 094 uah
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6 499 uah
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1 780 uah
  • portable audio stereo
  • power 2x3 W
  • powered by batteries, by USB
  • line input
  • Bluetooth
In stock
4 999 uah
In stock
26 550 uah
In stock
3 699 uah
In stock
9 499 uah
In stock
18 732 uah
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20 550 uah
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30 624 uah
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3 699 uah
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22 800 uah
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42 816 uah
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15 000 uah
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21 000 uah
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4 999 uah