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Human life represents a huge opportunity and interest in his surroundings. More interesting world of travel, trips or any important event there are always moments that are sure to want to commit to memory. To capture an interesting, exciting and original aspects of the ongoing time represented by camcorder from an online store DiDi. Modern development of technologies allows you to shoot video practical by any gadget, so we can safely say that even a small child can shoot a personal video of your movie. But, every electronic device that is able to shoot video, whether it be a mobile phone or tablet, after all is the main purpose. Therefore, to get pleasure from high-quality shot of the film needed is a video camera.

What you need to know to buy a video camera

Buy camcorder in Ukraine is absolutely not difficult. It is recommended to select camcorder to access the following settings: standard resolution recording modes, the recording medium, focal length, equipment of the camera. These characteristics are compared depending on the model of the camera you want to purchase.

Resolution standard recording

Before you start choosing the camera, you have to define the desired resolution standard of the recording. Shot video to match your monitor or display. Characteristics of the main standards of resolution the following:

  • SD (standard Definition) – standard resolution of 720×576 pixels, used for legacy TV that can be found almost anywhere where you may need the video view.
  • HD (High Definition) – this standard definition and high definition at 1280×720 or Full SD 1920×1080 pixels, is used for viewing recorded videos on LCD/LED displays. MPEG-2/MPEG-4 allow to significantly compress the volume of files, which is a convenient factor for storage, processing and transmission of videos. Video standard HD optimal with excellent video quality.
  • AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a standard high quality resolution in 1920×1080 pixels and the codec for this MPEG-4 AVC/H. 264 makes highly detailed image.

Regardless of where your image will be viewed, it is worth noting that cameras are characterized by the same principle, that is, more modern cameras will provide clearer images of the highest quality.

Media memory

The main storage media for video recording in the present video cameras are SD card and Flash. These carriers are the most modern miniature memory chips. They allowed us to make a video camera maximum light and compact. The memory is selected depending on the alleged time of the shooting.

The focal length

Parameter focal length is very important when choosing a camera. It is listed on the lens in mm. the shorter the focal length, the greater the angle and the larger the objects can be removed.

Vehicle camcorder

In the above-mentioned technical properties for each camera indicates the presence or absence of such equipment, such as: image stabilizer (important when shooting in motion), viewfinder, extra battery and more.

Buy a camera in online store DiDi, we offer you to make your life moments unforgettable thanks to the quality provided by the camera model. Order processing cameras in Kiev takes the minimum of time, and digital recording video of the best moments of life will remain forever.

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