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Covers, bumpers, pads

"+100 for style, security and beauty": an ergonomic and beautiful cases for phones

To protect push-button cell phone or smartphone from drops, bumps and scratches caused by contact with sharp objects, you should use comfortable case. Bumpers, cases and covers for phones fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions. First, they protect the device from mechanical damages, and secondly – decorate it, add originality and visual appeal.

There are dozens of varieties of covers for cell phones. Their classification is carried out on the basis of these characteristics:

  • purpose;
  • material production;
  • color and appearance;
  • design features.

For the purpose of cases and covers klassificeret for universal and special. The first can be used for a whole range of smartphones, even devices from different manufacturers. The second is only for one particular model.

Accessories are divided into cases for smartphones and keypad phones. And those and others are children (boys and girls) and adults (men, women, and unisex).

Children's cases differ from adult models in original colors, lots of decorative elements, bright, intricate prints and unusual form factors.

What are the different types of cases: models for smartphones-the new and popular push button models

During the manufacture of seat covers manufacturers often use:

  • Natural leather or ecologo. Leather models are very popular among the adherents of the classics and fans of uncluttered, stylish and minimalistic solutions.
  • Silicone. Silicone is considered to be the most versatile. Their main advantage – a nice soft texture and high protective characteristics.
  • Metal. Metal cases are less common than the other varieties. They give preference to fans of unusual design ideas and the supporters of an active lifestyle.
  • Rubber. Rubber most often covers the lining and "bumpers" that protect only the corners of the smartphone or touch-tone phone. Plastic. Plastic cases and bumpers are popular because of ergonomics and strength. Tree. Wooden cases, generally, like the fans of the original accessories with individual inscriptions or drawings. Of wood often make personal accessories.
  • Textiles. Original knitted covers, cloth bags, bags and wallets with zipper, carabiner on a belt or lace for the neck held in high esteem by users classic button-cell phones-monoblocks.

In a separate category should include fluffy blankets, which are produced using a combination of several materials.

Design: popular colors, décor and other features

The highest demand is for transparent cases. They did not overshadow the creative design of the phone body and protect it from mechanical influences.

Transparent silicone, which is used for the manufacture of seat covers, can be glossy and matte.

Fashionable cases and covers are also decorated with pictures (e.g. images edinoroga, cats, corgis and other fun imaginary and real animals).

Attractive and original look covers with a mirror surface, as a convenient and useful are models with magnetic back panel, which is easy to attach Popsicle and stands.

Consistently popular are covers with double walls, gel or liquid with plesetskoe, sequins, beads inside. Such models also serve from stress.

Often the covers are decorated with embroideries, logos, fancy labels and stickers. Becomes a trend and photo printing – drawing pictures on the surface of the case of thermo - and moisture-resistant material. Print photos on the covers is performed in special services.

Types of covers, depending on the specific configuration

  • Drop the model or cases with flip cover (case book). Such models completely cover the surface of the phone and provide protection from all sides.
  • Shockproof bumpers. They protect only some (the most vulnerable) zones mobile devices – corners and edges. The phone screen bumpers are not covered, so use them better with protective glass or a thin protective film. Case lining. They are most often used by owners of IPhones and smart phones based on Android. These models protect the entire back surface of the body, and also his ribs. The screen protection does not apply. Dearly. Handbags and purses, which completely cover the surface of the phone. They need to shoot every time to charge the phone's battery or use your phone for shooting.

Where to buy cases for phones with different screen size: information for residents of Kiev and not only

To buy a shockproof, waterproof (for underwater photography), armored and tactical cases for phones with different screen diagonal (1 inch) in Didi.UA. We have available lightweight, compact and convenient pouches that can easily fit in a pocket or bag.

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Phone model
Type of accessory
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200 uah
  • покрытие всей площади экрана;
  • 3D-округление углов и боковых граней;
  • качественный клей;
  • олеофобное покрытие.
In stock
220 uah
  • в упаковке;
  • покрытие всей площади экрана;
  • качественный клей по всей поверхности;
  • рамка в цвет смартфона;
  • олеофобное покрытие;
  • глянцевая поверхность;
  • высокая прозрачность;
  • коэффициент твердости 9Н.
In stock
250 uah

• противоударный; • изготовлен из силикона (TPU); • имеет покрытие под кожу; • защитные бортики вокруг дисплея телефона; • возможность использовать чехол с беспроводной зарядкой; • совместим со всеми защитными стеклами.

In stock
150 uah
  • Made of durable silicone (TPU) - 0.8mm thick;
  • transparent with glossy finish;
  • protects side faces from all sides;
  • protective bumpers around the camera and phone display;
  • enhanced protection in the corners of the case;
  • compatible with all safety glasses.
In stock
774 uah
  • Protection (military standards testing for drop)
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfectly fits the smartphone
  • Stylish design
In stock
120 uah
In stock
426 uah
  • Protection (military standards testing for drop)
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfectly fits the smartphone
  • Stylish design
In stock
160 uah