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Compact cameras

Photography has always been a popular art form, which is nowadays available to everyone. Online store DiDi makes the photo even more accessible for its customers, offering quality popular camera models at affordable price. A clear image is achieved by the features of the camera, which can capture the essential moments and translate them into a digital format. Compact digital camera perfect for beginners and those who wish to keep in memory every moment of life.

Cameras and their types

A large selection of cameras allows you to choose the right model. Especially if you are staying for a compact version. These devices have a removable lens, which is hidden in the body and has small dimensions. Distinguish model cost depend on the detailed characteristics of the matrix, the zoom ratio, quality optics, additional functions. Based on these characteristics, it is possible to find a model that will be acceptable for your needs.

Compact camera you can easily find on our website, as we picked up a genuine branded devices, which will make high-quality images. The cost varies on the compact, so you can buy both cheap and more expensive sample. The price depends on the characteristics of the device, matrix, lens and quality equipment. Many manufacturers introduce additional features to increase consumer ability. So there was the first camera with automatic downloads of photos in the social network, the model sports a wide-angle lens and others.

Choose the best on the website

Quality product pictures is always pleasing and popular. To determine the needs of the population in the cells, the sellers made rating compact cameras:

  • Canon;
  • Nikon;
  • Sony;
  • Panasonic;
  • Samsung;
  • Pentax;
  • Fujifilm;
  • Olympus;
  • BenQ;
  • Koda.

The list was headed by three leaders in the field of photographic equipment, which will improve the quality and constantly gives the world of novelty cameras.

Compact digital cameras Sony occupy the third position in the overall ranking, although the characteristics do not differ from industry leaders. Despite the small size these cameras have good features that are on par with some professional cameras.

Machines of the Japanese brand have a fixed translucent mirror or not have it. This solution allowed the manufacturer to issue a unique device clearly displays the picture on the screen. Sony has released several varieties of cameras that are equally popular among customers of the store. Products are divided into two common groups:

  • Cyber-shot compact or device;
  • Camera with interchangeable lenses. It often happens that the mirror apparatus.

The first group presented in this section and is of high quality shooting and reduced dimensions. Affordable price does not displayed on the pixel matrix, as the clarity and realistic color gamut makes the picture a unique masterpiece of photography.

Photography helps the mankind to capture the moments through picture will remain a long memory. The joy from the process of shooting, you can get through a high-quality camera in your hands. Online store DiDi created to ensure that every client can acquire the genuine equipment at a reasonable price.

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  • Матрица: CMOS
  • Количество мегапикселей: 12,8
  • Запись видео: 3840x2160 (25fps)
  • Дисплей: 3", 921000
  • Вес: 351 г
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Not available
  • Матрица: CCD
  • Количество мегапикселей: 20,1
  • Запись видео: 1280x720 (30fps)
  • Дисплей: 2,7", 230000
  • Вес: 119 г
Not available
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