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Climate technology

Air conditioning equipment is a household appliance that provides maintaining a certain atmosphere in the room. The main element of this technology is air conditioning, which often bought additionally humidifier if the same named function in the first is not available. Such the devices will provide the necessary conditions in the room and improve the decor in it. Whatever the weather and season, this technique will help warm up frosty winter and cool in the hot summer. They are designed primarily for convenience and the comfort of the wearer.

The range of equipment now surprises with its diversity. Produced many models having different specifications, appearance, and, of course, price. For example, there are powerful conditioning systems for entire buildings, and small appliances to maintain the temperature in one room. It is also worth noting that some of the conditioners can only reduce the indoor temperature, while other models can additionally heat the air. Many devices, among others benefits able to also clean the air from dust. Rich assortment such equipment allows to meet any needs.

Price of the device varies dependent on brand and brand of the manufacturer. It also varies due to its technical characteristics, additional of features and capabilities. For example, air conditioners with color display or filter humidifying and air purification are much more expensive than the less simple functional models, which serve solely for cooling or of heating air. Modern climate technology often has the function of energy savings, which also is a significant advantage of the choice, but affects the price of goods.

By air now is not difficult, where ever You are as it is one of the most popular products throughout the year. Despite the fact that the demand for HVAC equipment is growing and in the beginning of the heating season, and with the arrival of summer, you can always expect to purchase a device that meets the needs of the buyer. As online stores and regular stores give a wide selection. To purchase air conditioning Kyiv possible in any convenient way for You.

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  • storage electric water heater
  • water tank 80 l
  • for a single stand-point
  • power 1.5 kW
  • for 220 V
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  • Type: electric storage
  • Installation: wall mounted
  • Installation: vertical, horizontal
  • Volume: 100 l
  • Internal coating tank: the coating AG+
  • Liquid eyeliner tube: bottom
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  • Тип: электрический накопительный
  • Монтаж: настенный
  • Установка: вертикальный
  • Объем: 50 л
  • Внутреннее покрытие бака: титанокварцевая эмаль
  • Подводка труб: нижняя
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  • накопительный электрический водонагреватель
  • бак для воды на 80 л
  • для одной водоразборной точки
  • мощность 1.5 кВт
  • для сети 220 В
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