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Memory card

Additional memory for gadgets: storage devices of different sizes in Didi.UA

Memory cards expand the functionality of almost any gadgets. Their installation is an effective way to clean the main memory on infrequently used files.

The mass storage device of different format (e.g., SD, SDHC, micro SD, CF, USB) can use

  • the owners of personal computers equipped with card reader and laptop with a slot for connecting internal or external storage device; mobile phones that operate on the basis of operating systems Android or Windows;
  • Android tablets design which provides a connector for drive microSD;
  • cameras, CCTV cameras, digital video cameras for shooting from the first person;
  • PSP and other gadgets intended for game lovers.

The basic equipment of many memory card adapters included, designed to expand the scope of their use. Adapters allow you to connect the stick to the device even in the construction of which no special connectors.

The purpose of the use of flash drives: information from the owners of smartphones and other devices

A memory card is needed for long-term storage:

  1. Multimedia data: images, music and videos created by yourself, downloaded from the Internet or received in one of the popular instant messengers (Viber, Skype, Telegram). For long-term storage of voluminous amounts of information suitable mini SD and micro SD card slot and a USB model.
  2. Apps and games. In addition to programs on the memory card can store game data walkthroughs, modpaki and other useful additions for them.
  3. Confidential data. To protect text files, tables, or drawings secret charatcer, you can set a password on the memory card. Also USB flash drive can be protected from writing data and unlock (unprotect) only in case of the need to preserve new files.

The volume of memory cards and other features

  • For keypad mobile phones (for example, to store contacts, "easy" applications and games) fit a memory card of small volume. These include model 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • For storage of new firmware versions and system information on modern smartphones it is better to choose the bigger model – 128 GB. On a stick you can also transfer music, photos and other files from the crowded main memory of the gadget.
  • For personal computers and laptops best buy memory card of large capacity (up to 1TB). The very large files (10 GB), it is best to store on external drives (SSD or normal hard drives) maximum capacity.

The selection criterion depends on further operation of memory cards – speed class. The higher the number, the faster the recording information to the drive.

For example, Class 6 or Class 10 in the specs of the memory card specifies the write speed of 6 MB/s and 10 MB/s, respectively.

  • Users note

Common problems in the memory cards of different types are associated with:

  • Accidental formatting. In this case, to recover deleted data you can use or services of skilled craftsmen.
  • A bug in the software, or failure of identification of the drives in the system (incorrect detection of Flash ID). The solution is reinstall the drivers.
  • Damage to the contacts. To save the information stored on the damaged drive, to help in the service center.

Where to buy additional memory: information for residents of Kiev and other cities

To buy a memory card, which will allow you to combine scattered data into a single array, it is possible at us on the website. Before ordering a particular model is to analyze the characteristics and differences of various models to see their reviews, the results of inspections and tests.

In addition to storage devices, we offer the attention of buyers and other interesting positions:

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Beneficial and comfortable buying from us: why should you order Didi

In our store you can place orders even without interrupting your daily routine. Literally a couple of mouse clicks and the desired product is already in the basket.

The pros of shopping at Didi.UA:

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To obtain information support from representatives of the store due to the business messenger and the hotline number which is available on the home page. Managers quickly and in detail to answer correctly any questions related to assortments and features of products.

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526 uah
  • microSDHC memory card, Class 10
  • capacity 32 GB
  • included adapter to SD
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308 uah
  • microSDHC memory card, Class 10
  • capacity of 16 GB
  • read speed 85 MB/s
  • write speed of 15 MB/s
  • included adapter to SD