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Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the place where the sacrament is performed cooking. Any modern kitchen without smart appliances becomes absolutely useless room. The workplace should be properly technically equipped and comfortable in the process. Very appropriate and take care of the relaxation area get-togethers, where you will be translating the spirit in the process of cooking. In addition other things your kitchen must undoubtedly look aesthetically pleasing and be ergonomic.

Ease of use domestic appliances depends on what type technology you prefer. Most popular today are built-in household appliances. Built-in appliances successfully fits into any interior, but also saves your space functional using every inch of him. It is possible to carry built-in hood for kitchen, cooktops (gas, electric or combined), dishwashers, refrigerators and so on. It should also be noted that the technique with the ability to embed not only spoil its appearance design your kitchen and will add mystery to a lot of lockers. Built-in household the technique has additional sound insulation that without a doubt can be attributed to its advantages in comparison with conventional counterparts. Noiseless the dishwasher – what could be better? It works, and you don't even I suspect about it, doing the dirty work for you.

With such kitchen appliances is changing rapidly.

If you are not so demanding on the appearance of your kitchen and area allows, to any store you will have to wait a huge selection full-size free-standing equipment.

Buy appliances the easiest way using appliances. Often here you can find a wide range of variety of brands. Here and large and small appliances, Kiev** can offer a wide choice of shops. It is enough to start and continue the exciting process of choice is so captivate you that you will look forward to shipping your purchases. By the way, if you are so unbearable, then, after placing the order in the morning, you can expect your appliances to evening. If you have any questions or concerns, our managers will kindly advise you and, if necessary, will carry out the comparative characteristic of similar products of different brands, in order to help you find what you are looking for. In our shop are products for every budget and taste. The current range of built-in household appliances impresses with its abundance.

Therefore, if you decide to make repairs in your kitchen, or just to transform it's the time to see the novelties on the market.

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  • combine
  • power 900 W
  • blender
  • for large quantities of food
  • citrus press
  • grinder
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  • Auto-sensor: adjusts the temperature depending on the size and thickness of a piece of meat
  • The indicator of the degree of doneness for the visualization of the cooking process
  • Manual mode for vegetables: 4 temperature levels
  • Defrosting program
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  • contact grill
  • table design
  • works from the network
  • mechanical control
  • non-stick coating
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  • Power input: 2000 W
  • Size of working surface: 30х22 cm
  • Surface plates: corrugated
  • Control: mechanical
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  • grinder
  • power 700 watts
  • nozzle-grater
  • nozzle for cooking sausages
  • nozzle for kibbeh
  • made of plastic and metal
  • storage compartment for nozzles
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2 798 uah
  • Power consumption: 500 W
  • Maximum power in case of jamming: 1600 W
  • Capacity: 1.9 kg/min.
  • Reverse: Yes
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