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Games for gaming consoles

Fun for real gamers: games for game consoles from different manufacturers

Happy owners of gaming consoles (Playstation from Sony, Xbox from Microsoft, the Switch from Nintendo, Magistr Titan from Sega) are always in active search of interesting and entertaining software.

A real storehouse of multimedia content for true gamers available in the online store Didi.UA. From our site you can buy CDs with the popular multi-platform video games and real exclusives designed only for one platform. For experienced players in the catalog and there are retro games and the latest trends from top designers.

Also games that support a modern console available for download from the official store of the soft – for example the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store.

Conventionally, the games for video game consoles (and computers) klassificeret for children and adults. However, there are some games that with the same enthusiasm and appreciate a child and an adult. For example, "Mario", game, version which once was loved by the users of the consoles of Sega and Dandy.

Modern console adaptation of this game can boast high-quality and its crisp graphics and an attention to detail gameplay. The old version can be run on PC and other gaming devices with the help of programs-emulators.

Genres of games for game consoles: something to play with on a boring evening

Popular console game genres:

  • Action – the most "mobile" games, which plays a key role adaptability, agility and reaction speed of the gamer.
  • Adventure game in which the main character will plunge into the abyss of adventure. An example of such games – Another World (multi-platform game that was once popular among users, 3DO Interactive Multiplayer).
  • Casual – the most universal games (including tabletop). A vivid example – Zuma Deluxe, a version of which is available for users of a variety of devices (from computers to smartphones based on Android).
  • MMO – games online can play simultaneously with thousands of users. To run these games necessarily require a good Internet connection. Shooter – "shooter" in which you have to actively fight with the enemies. Example – multiplayer multiplatform Titanfall game ("the Fall of Titan").

High ratings can boast of RPG, racing, strategy and a variety of simulators.

Power management and accessories

To control the movements and other actions of a game character made use of manipulators is also known as joysticks. The role of game controllers can perform different steering wheels, pedals, trackballs and touch screens. To manage portable consoles have built-in buttons.

The development of intelligent technology caused the expansion of the range for consoles. In tandem with the fashionable consoles often use virtual reality goggles, microphones, headsets, memory cards.

Typically, joysticks are supplied with most consoles, and other accessories you have to buy separately.

Games for game consoles: to buy in Didi.UA

We have available a wide range of disks for different models of consoles. We sell other products for gamers:

televisions feature large screens and is compatible with popular gaming devices; - you consoles from companies Microsoft, Nintendo, NVIDIA and Sony (PS4 Slim, Pro); device for video capture that can come in handy during the conduct of the streams, or create a personal blog with audiovisual content; controllers of different types.

Before making another "gaming" purchases we recommend:

  1. to compare any item from catalog;
  2. study their descriptions and reviews.
  3. to perform technical characteristics, wholesale and retail prices;
  4. to know warranty terms and service of selected gadgets.

Admirers of the history of the gaming industry can still buy cartridges for the 8-Bit and 16-Bit consoles, popular in the 90-ies. However, to pay for them is likely to be more than popular now games.

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