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Graphics tablets

Graphics tablet – just an extremely convenient and useful thing for artists, designers, graphic designers and other creative professions. It alternative assistant that can be used in combination with the mouse, tribloom and other devices. The gadget consists of two main elements. It is primarily a flat surface on which to draw, and pen, configured to work with the tablet. Some products are produced in complete with mouse, it works on its surface. In our catalog such tablets cost always the best. Choose any model.

Screen size

If you decide to choose a graphics tablet, one of the main determining factors for you should be the screen size. The best option for work at home is 4 "", 5" and 6 ""8"". For professional work usually pick a bigger screen, it provides more comfort and space for the realization of their ideas. For example, just the perfect wacom tablets prices we have a very interesting. However, be aware that in the wider area have to move your hand and she'll tire quickly. In any case, focus on their needs. The artist, for example, large surface it will be more convenient, this will give the feeling of canvas on which you can do sweeping motion that frequently involves painting.

The type of connection

Modern graphic tablet connected through USB or Bluetooth. Choose what works for you. We have different models. In this case price tablet is not too much to change from the selected variation.

The pressure level

Choosing the graphics tablet with screen, you need to pay attention to pressure sensitivity on the surface. This is a very important criterion. Level pressure can vary from 256 to 1024. The more sensitive surface, the better you can control the thickness of the drawn line, color transparency and saturation of color. A lot depends on how quality image you want. High sensitivity provides maximum comfort and flexibility.

In our directory you will find the best tablet for drawing. At any questions, contact our online consultants who will tell all details.