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External batteries (Power Bank)

For users of smartphones are grateful to the inventor of the poverbank: useful gadget for active individuals

Any mobile phone provides a built-in battery. From his capacity (mAh) are based on indicators of autonomy and, accordingly, the operating time without additional charge. The larger the volume of the battery and more energy efficient than the processor, the longer the gadget is able to operate without access to a power outlet.

What to do if the battery of the phone running, and the outlets near there? To use Power Bank, universal external battery, which functions without a network connection.

External batteries can be used for charging a variety of devices. Use of laptop batteries is dependent on the configuration and technical characteristics:

  • Capacity. For example, using the poverbank, which amounts to 20 thousand mAh can charge iPhone, tablet based on Android or iPad and wireless headphones.
  • The maximum permissible input voltage and output current. Some devices with high performance characteristics suitable even for charging laptops.
  • Number of connectors. Charger Dual series from Xiaomi is suitable for simultaneous charging of two gadgets. There are also models Multi, equipped with a special panel for charging smart watches and fitness trackers.
  • Type connectors. As a rule, universal battery equipped with USB ports (Micro, Mini, Type-C) or a Lightning connector.

Power Bank to buy for smartphone: why you should pay attention to external battery

The main advantage of powerbank is correct work without access to the mains. In addition, among the advantages of devices:

  1. A diverse selection. The range of the external charge from popular companies are regularly updated. In selling new items appear in different capacities, equipped with high-quality ports and supports the function of fast charging.
  2. Environmental friendliness and safety. Manufacturers use to create the charges high-quality, safe materials. In addition, expanding the popularity of Powerball, powered by environmentally friendly solar panels.
  3. Versatility. To charge using a portable battery can be a variety of devices. Some models of powerbank suitable for charging speakers, headphones, cameras.
  4. Convenient operation. To control the charge poverbank and monitor the process of charging gadgets assist indicators, located on the surface of the body. They light or flash depending on the status of the external charger. Also, many devices are equipped with user-friendly display. The screen they want to view important technical information.
  5. Ergonomic design. Most external chargers has a convenient form factor and easy to go to hand. The most convenient are the device the type of Ultra – powerbank in record thin and light design.
  6. The possibility of using under any circumstances. Universal charger can be put in a bag of any size and use in car, plane, train and in public places and on the streets.
  7. Security. Module any poverbank protected, damage-resistant casing. To increase the security characteristics some manufacturers make the charge waterproof.
  8. High quality. The original charger is made on the basis of innovative chipset (motherboard) from top manufacturers. To test the model for authenticity, it is not necessary to disassemble. You can carefully examine the box and instructions and also pay attention to the quality of the cable.

External batteries to buy in Kiev: where to order generic backup battery for yourself or for a gift

Buy Power Banks from the well-known modern brands in online in just a few minutes in Didi.UA. The checkout process (along with filling in the form and select the method of delivery/payment) takes a minimum of free time.

To familiarize with technical characteristics of a product available descriptions and reviews in the directory, and also reviews and ratings. Tops available in the Internet allow you to compare the features and prices of the most popular models of powerbanks and to really choose the best of them.

In addition to the external universal chargers in our catalogue available launcher devices with flashlights and without them, automobile mirror, a technique for shooting photos and videos, memory cards, routers and access points, cell phone cases and powerbanks, clever gadgets and many other products. To buy them all at a reasonable price in retail and wholesale. Conditions of exchange and return orders spelled out in detail in the relevant section of the website.

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  • PowerBank with wireless charging
  • Ideal for all smartphone with wireless charging function
  • Stylish design
  • Emeet 10 000 mAh
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