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Any user of the computer, mp3 player or mobile phone sooner or later thinking about buying headphones. These accessories are essential to music fans, gamers and fans to listen to audiobooks or training. External noise distract and hinder complete immersion in sound and mastering information, which is why wireless headphones for mobile phone, for example, it is necessary for everyone, who appreciates comfort during any activity.

Wired and wireless

When choosing headphones, the first thing to decide you need a wired or wireless models. Wired connect your sound source by wire. It is believed that they provide the best sound quality. Professional devices can only be wired. Our online store offers these headphones deliver. Details can be found at consultants.

Wireless connect with the source radio digital or analog signal. They are convenient, since no restrictions in their use. However, the sound can be not as rich and deep as wired models.

Types of designs

Open headphones allow you to hear external sounds, but others do not will hear what you are listening to. Closed have better quality the perception of sound, which is confirmed by headphone reviews. They will especially enjoy fans of bass and also gamers. Headphones type earbuds comfortable, but the quality sound largely depends on the fit of the device to the ear the sink. Perfect isolation and the ear canal provide the ear plugs, they create a vacuum pillow. You will be able to choose the right model, if clearly decide in what conditions will most often use this device.

The important criteria

Remember, if you choose high-quality headphones, then pay attention to such important parameters like: frequency response, maximum output power, sensitivity, resistance.

The style and prestige

A variety of models in our catalogs are huge. Manufacturers develop every year new and improved designs. For example, you can headphones drops to by and be surprised at how useful they are and at the same time beautiful look.

All models are accompanied by clear photos and description. If you have difficulties with the selection of the model, refer to the online managers to clarify all of the details.

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  • in-ear headphones with microphone
  • support for iPhone
  • Apple Lightning connector
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950 uah
  • stereo Bluetooth headset
  • voice dialing
  • working time 5 hours
  • charging from USB
  • weight 10 g
  • support Bluetooth 2.1
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