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SLR cameras

In the world of photography there are two basic concepts -- for both Amateurs and professionals. For fans "to take pictures" presents photographic equipment from various manufacturers under the conditional name "soap". It is a compact device that is easy to carry due to small size. But professional shooting without SLR can not do.

SLR cameras got this name because of the use of mirrors in the shaft of the optical viewfinder. But, of course, no structural differences encourage client buy camera. The choice is determined by the desire to obtain high-quality images. The clarity of the picture depends on the lens that almost all SLR cameras is removable and is selected depending on the given task. Range of lenses gives the photographer the professional big field for creativity. In high-speed shooting at 4 to 7 frames per second DSLR's do not produce digital video, and some great shots. The obvious advantages of a SLR photographic equipment can be attributed to the capacity of the battery, which will significantly increase the number of shots.

Purchase of SLR camera is an area that requires certain skills and knowledge, so shop DiDi recommends you to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • quality, sensor size and number of megapixels;
  • model and processor speed;
  • essential functions and interface;
  • ergonomics, reliability of the hull and mechanical parts;
  • different lenses available to the camera model.

One of the main decisions of a professional in the photo's buy camera. What exactly is purchase, what parameters for decision of selecting a particular model from many different manufacturers? It is difficult to give advice that is professional photographers with lots of experience, but to designate some highlights of the choice we need.

Global brands for high-quality photos

Among all of the advantages and disadvantages of camera models, each buyer makes the choice of the brand to reach new creative peaks photography. In accordance with surveys it became known that the camera gives a tinge of yellow, and Canon is a shade of blue. Manual configuration and other differences of the technical plan, as well as features associated with the task of shooting determine the choice of a particular model. Consider the main differences between the main models of popular brands.

SLR Nikon is characterized by the following distinctive features:

  • Relatively low price of the lenses with the same characteristics;
  • Relatively higher quality images in JPEG and RAW formats;
  • Linking metering to the focus point;
  • Relatively better metering;
  • Quite thoughtful convenient algorithm for automatic ISO;
  • A relatively large number of focus points;
  • A relatively large sensor;
  • Seamless cooperation with external flashes;
  • Higher quality lenses.

DSLR camera Canon characterized by the following distinctive features:

  • Greatest line of the presented lenses;
  • Relatively lower price in the same technical segments;
  • Reliable autofocus performance;
  • Application of matrices exclusively of own production;
  • The fastest implementation and bringing to market the latest technology.

Team of the online store DiDi offers you to make shooting professional quality thanks to the available models of cameras. Order processing will not take much time, and image quality will delight you and others for a long time.

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42 960 uah
  • The number of megapixels: 51
  • Max. picture size: 8688x5792
  • Interchangeable lens: + (Canon EF)
  • Video recording: 1920x1080 (30fps)
  • Display: 3.2", 1040000
  • Weight: 845 g
In stock
21 338 uah
  • The number of megapixels: 21
  • Max. picture size: 5568 x 3712
  • Interchangeable lens: + (Nikon F FX)
  • Video recording: 4K 3840 x 2160 (30 fps)
  • Display: 3.2", 922000
  • Swivel screen: Yes
  • Weight: 640 g
In stock
20 200 uah
  • The number of megapixels: 24,2
  • Max. picture size: 6000x4000
  • Interchangeable lens: + (Nikon F DX)
  • Video recording: 1920x1080 (60fps)
  • Display: 3.2", touch 1037000
  • Swivel screen: Yes
  • Weight: 465 g
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48 934 uah
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19 631 uah
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44 240 uah
In stock
62 448 uah
In stock
36 559 uah
  • The number of mega pixels: 24,3
  • Max. picture size: 6016x4016
  • Interchangeable lens: + (Nikon F FX)
  • Video recording: 1920x1080 (60fps)
  • Display: 3.2", 1229000
  • Swivel screen: Yes
  • Weight: 750 g
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23 984 uah
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22 049 uah
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8 479 uah
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35 705 uah
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47 227 uah
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18 066 uah
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39 574 uah
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33 287 uah
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20 200 uah
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15 932 uah
In stock
86 375 uah
  • The number of megapixels: 45,7
  • Max. picture size: 8256x5504
  • Interchangeable lens: + (Nikon F FX)
  • Video recording: 3840x2160 (30fps), 1920x1080 (60fps)
  • Display: 3.2", 2,359,000 (touch)
  • Weight: 915 g