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Going to buy a monitor? Then You have come to the right place!

You are buying a new desktop computer? Or decided to upgrade your monitor? Are you an avid gamer? Or all day watching movies? Or maybe You professional graphic editor?

If You decide to purchase a desktop computer, You probably already think about the fact that You have to buy a monitor for your PC. But how to choose it? At first glance, the differences between them are very slight, but work they are of great importance.

First what you should decide for what do You need monitor? Need to understand that for office work and games need a completely different monitors. And if Your primary goal is to work with graphics, You know, when choosing a monitor, the greatest attention is necessary to redistribute the matrix and color scope. The best choice is IPS-matrix. It has a viewing angle of almost 180°, the color gamut of 95% to 98%, and saturated colors. An important point to choose only glossy monitors because matte may not accurately display the black color and all other color displays are more dim.

Choosing a monitor for home and office work, not much bother head all the characteristics. For these tasks suitable monitor, the cost which is not high. The focus is to redistribute the diagonal and resolution as well as their ratio. If space permits and budget, buy the monitor 24-inch. This monitor can fit a lot of information, and free time with pleasure you can watch a movie. The resolution of this the monitor must be full HD (1920x1080) or higher.

If you like to play games, You to a choice of the monitor should be approached with great seriously. It is from the monitor depends very much in the game. Diagonal choose in the range of 23-27 inches. A resolution of at least FullHD (1920x1080) and it is for the 23 inch, the bigger the monitor the more permission. A very Important parameter is response time. Everything is simple – the smaller, the better. And matrix is better to choose TN, she provides the fast response. Games price monitor Ukraine is high enough, but the quality at the highest level. Buying this monitor, remember that You take it is not for one year, and to him will be a lot of time, so that savings is not appropriate.

Choosing a monitor for movies, You should pay attention to the ratio 21:9. It is perfect for a modern movie format, thanks what, all the screen space occupied by the picture, and no dark bands that distract attention.

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