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Car holders

Convenient, reliable, safe: how to fix the mobile device in the car

Motorists believe that the smartphone needs to be there even while you are driving.

To iPhone or phone based on Android not distract from the driving process, it is necessary to securely lock it in the cabin, thus freeing the hands. For fixing the device in any convenient place perfect car holders for mobile phones.

The range of holders is daily updated with new functional models. Depending on the purpose of their klassificeret on universal and specialized.

Models: universal type use for smartphones, tablet personal computers, GPS navigators, PDAs and other gadgets of different sizes. The main feature of such holders – adaptability. Different sizes of clamps can be adjusted depending on the dimensions used in car equipment (from several mm to about 12 inches).

Specialized holders designed for specific models of tablets (e.g. the "classic" iPad) and smartphones with a certain display size.

The method of fixation cell phones: the main kinds of holders

Due to the individual characteristics of the configuration of the holders also divided into:

  • devices of mechanical type;
  • holders of the type "pockets";
  • magnetic platform.

Classification by kind of fasteners

Themselves the holders are fixed in the car by:

movable brackets that allow you to easily adjust comfortable height and the optimal position of the gadgets.

silicone suction cups are ideal for installation on the windshield;

Interesting: Holders on the basis of suction cups is popularly known as frogs because of the unusual design and location of fasteners.

clothespins with which to lock the phone next to the driver's seat or, for example, on his back;

telescopic mechanism that is easily adjustable and suitable for installation in any point of the cabin.

The most popular form holders – universal gravity models, the installation of which is carried out to the vent (duct). Their drivers the quick and easy fixing and high reliability.

Allocated to a separate category holders-stand with monolithic design.

There are models for bicycles and motorcycles. The technical performance is also put forward high requirements.

Requirements holders: where to install and why to use

The holder must not block the review and to divert the attention of driver from rear view mirrors. To install the device on a windshield, vent, dash panel ("torpedo") and even on the place the CD slot of the radio.

Top mounts support:

  • wired charging via USB;
  • wireless charging (Smart Charger).

Car holders to buy in Kiev quickly and profitably

Buy car sensors (Holders) of any kind in retail and wholesale at our website. We only sell original products of top brands.

The sale also available:

  • touch safety sensors Smart Sensor;
  • automatic mini-humidifiers that you can use in the car;
  • automobile device for video recording (DVRs);
  • car refrigerator high quality to transport food and medicine;
  • radio players, and other products.

Many of them appear in the annual rankings of the best products for cars. On a decent technical characteristics of the offered products and show customer reviews.

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Mounted in the ventilation Wireless charging Charges your phone to 100% within 3 hours 9 magnets embedded in the assist Non-slip coating

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  • universalnoe mount
  • high-quality materials
  • reliable fixation
  • easy to use
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  • крепится в воздуховод;
  • оснащен магнитами, которые удерживают телефон;
  • покрыт силиконовой поверхностью;
  • держатель вращается на 360°;
  • изготовлен из пластика и силикона;
  • в комплекте идут 2 металлические пластины.
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Baseus Small Ears Series Air Outlet Magnetic Bracket Leather Type - компактный автомобильный магнитный держатель. Совместим со всеми мобильными устройствами. Не загораживает обзор, занимает минимум места. Поверхность дополнена мягкими кожаными вставками, которые не царапают корпус смартфона. Крепится на решётку воздуховода. В комплект входят 2 магнита и защитные наклейки к телефону.

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  • minimalistic, stylish design
  • compact size
  • secure smartphone
  • easy to use
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  • изготовлен из алюминия, силикона и пластика (АБС+ПК);
  • крепится на приборную панель, лобовое стекло или решетку воздуховода;
  • максимальная мощность беспроводной зарядки: 15 Вт;
  • автоматическое совмещение смартфона с индукционной зоной;
  • подходит для смартфонов размером 4,5-6,7 дюйма;
  • оснащен автозажимом;
  • выделенная кнопка разблокировки устройства;
  • шарнирное крепление вращается на 360°;
  • телескопическая рукоять подставки длиной 11-17 см;
  • угол наклона подставки регулируется на 270°;
  • встроенный интеллектуальный чип;
  • LED-индикатор;
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Hoco CA52 Intelligent Air Outlet – минималистичный автомобильный держатель для телефона. Совместим со всеми мобильными устройствами. Мощные, встроенные магниты позволяют неподвижно удерживать смартфон на держателе, будь то при езде по ухабистой дороге или при резком торможении. Крепится на решётку воздуховода. Изысканный внешний вид автодержателя станет украшением любого автомобиля. В комплекте две металлические пластины и защитные наклейки для телефона.

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  • attached to the duct grate;
  • support wireless charging;
  • magnetic fixation of the smartphone;
  • maximum power: 15W;
  • the position is adjustable by 360°;
  • LED indicator;
  • Type-C charging cable included;
  • equipped with overcharge protection;
  • material: plastic.
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