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Apple Mac Pro

On our website didi.com.ua" apple mac pro are presented in different trim. This device is considered the most powerful among the other computers line. Stylish appearance combined with excellent performance the best choice for those who want to improve their performance and quality computer entertainment.

Brilliant Apple Mac Pro

Black lacquered barrel, in which the body looks very modern and unusual. Some call it a "bucket". But, clearly, the ingenuity of the manufacturer are to be admired. The height of the block is 25.1 cm and the diameter 16,7 cm

Important elements of the Apple Mac Pro

Elements on the case are not many. It should be noted that Apple always minimum number of buttons. This simplifies the work and makes the device more affordable for any category of users.

A couple of blocks ventilation to cope with heat, thus noise barely make. They are located at the top and bottom of the housing. Necessary the connectors and elements can be found back. These include: headphone Jack, audio Jack, 4 USB and other. If you want to insert a flash drive, for example, the housing can easily be rotate the hand, and motion sensors will record the action and turn on the backlight all jacks.

The hardware of Apple Mac Pro

Technical equipment of the computer on top. The Xeon E5 new generation allow to perform all operations at a fantastic rate.

Want to get powerful hardware, can mac pro purchase in the configuration with 4, 6, 8 and 12 cores. Note also the cache of the 3rd level in size of 30 Megabytes and the PCI Express Gen 3 technology.

RAM - 64 GB capacity up to 60 GB/s. So by the way, even the most demanding on the resource request operations are performed momentary.

You can run up to eight video streams of 4K in Final Cut Pro X at the same time or any number of HD video streaming. You will also be able to connect three monitors 4K at the same time to handle multiple levels of special effects in real time. It's just a staggering opportunity! And mac pro price our online store is the most affordable. The possibility self-cleaning device. To open the housing, just use the lever to the left of the I/O panel.

High accuracy and simplicity of the Apple Mac Pro

If you consider the computer from a technical point of view, it's just masterpiece. In such a compact body fit powerful elements providing excellent performance. Engineering work is performed the highest level of accuracy. The possession of this "thing" raises the status and gives a lot advantages.

If you want to get ahead and win, choose the most advanced computer. With this device, you can easily and quickly carry out the tasks. Powerful apple mac pro – guarantee of success.

More information about the computer and its capabilities You will be able to know turning to our consultants on the website didi.com.ua or call +38 (044) 209-90-91.

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