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Modern home simply must be as comfortable to live in. It achieved with the help of furniture, appliances, accessories and much more. But besides that just makes it cozy, there are items that can to call basic. Without them living in apartments and houses would be impossible. Just these include the plumbing including the bath. Naturally, buy the tub is becoming a priority even during construction or the repair of new housing, but many also wish to replace their outdated belief and true, maybe even decades, the new girl.

Of baths

The first thing to consider when choosing is the material from which made plumbing, as it depends on the quality. Today, the most popular are acrylic bathtubs, steel, iron. Abroad for them manufacturers are also using new material kvar.

Acrylic baths is new on the market plumbing. The acrylic composition is plastic which lends itself to reinforcement, so it becomes very durable. Baths of this material are very light unlike other and the maximum heat capacity.

Steel baths are popular because of its affordable price. They are also light, have different shapes, but they are faster cools the water (for many it is not is a disadvantage) and they are noisy.

Bath of cast iron used to be considered the best and used them for decades. Despite the weight of these baths is very durable, noiseless, long retain the temperature of the water. The only drawback is the higher price compared with the previous types.

What to pay attention to when choosing

Naturally, before buy bath (Kyiv, like any city of Ukraine, can order now on our website) customer pays attention not only on the material, although, of course, is the most important step. If You have already decided on the material, the next step is to size and shape.

Based on the size of the bathroom, you need to decide what will be the tub itself. The standard is considered to be rectangular, but in recent times the choice stops at the corner, by which you can save a lot space in a small room. This bath (buy you now) considered by many to be even better rectangular. You need to pay attention and what kind of tub inside, whether there are handrails, supports for hands.

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