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There are items without which it is impossible to do, living in a house or apartment. To these include plumbing, which is the base for our comfort. It is impossible to imagine the horrors of the countryside to modern man, when often the toilet and shower are on the street. Fortunately, today, baths and toilets solve all the problems related to hygiene and they do it without the slightest inconvenience for us.

Before buy the toilet it is necessary to determine its design, material, type of flushing water, the type of installation. The choice is not very simple, if to take into account their diversity all of the above criteria.

The material

Often the bowls are made of earthenware and porcelain. These materials are durable, aesthetically beautiful but still different in their characteristics. Porcelain will cost more but it is durable (will last a few decades), it easy to wash off stains, You will not see the cracks even after many years, which is not true of porcelain. Lifetime porcelain toilet really will be smaller due to the fact that he has such a high resistance to moisture.

The type of the rinsing water

Everything is simple, as it can be forward and reverse. The latter is much efficiently performs its function, as it washes the whole bowl. Toilet buy prefer lovers immaculate purity. Also pay attention to the buttons drain. Best of all, when the two of them, it can significantly to save water than the drain mechanism with one button. Here importantly, as water will flow down the drain: horizontal, vertical, or scythe. The best is the horizontal drain.


This criterion has never been unimportant. Everyone prefers one or the other form as more convenient and attractive. It can be funnel-shaped, disc or shelf, with the slope of the rear wall. Previously, the most popular were the toilets with a shelf or disc Cup, which has always been a water typed, today this type of choose less, as it not very hygienic and wash spend more water, plus it is the lack of extra spray. Other types of more demand, and to buy a toilet (Kiev, Ukraine other cities can do this is already on our website) this form prefer increasingly due to greater hygiene and save water when draining.

Important and the type of installation, it can be a pendant, floor and side options.

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