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The towel is thermal equipment for your comfort

If you are tired of permanent wet towels in your bathroom, so it was time to buy a towel warmer with the problem will be solved. Equipment of this kind significantly increases the level of comfort – so without it it is difficult to imagine a modern bathroom interior. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of models with different characteristics, among which you can select the best option for all conditions.

Electric towel warmers

Electric towel heater is usually made in the form of a serpentine or a ladder – it is attached to the wall via brackets or dowel pins. Inside is a heater heated by the transformation of electrical energy into heat and radiating its heat to the circuit. The design can be provided with shelves or hangers to extend the functionality. The user reviews say about the following advantages of this option:

  • Easy installation – installation is only to place on the wall fasteners to hang the heater and to carry out its connection to the network. It does not need any professional skills – just the availability of tools and instructions.
  • Stability – work unit does not depend on the quality of water. The required intensity of heating is achieved by means of a thermostat – in many models, it works in automatic mode, maintaining the temperature. In a number of modifications provides a timer that automatically turn on and off at specified intervals.
  • Safety – equipment has a required level of protection from electric shock.
  • Durability – electric towel warmers made from stainless steel and enamelled alloy, they are durable, resistant to corrosion and resistance to humidity. Recently become popular glass models – they are durable and attractive, this variety is often used in the design of designer interiors.

Water towel rails

The water unit is arranged on the principle of a radiator – it is cut in the riser is the domestic hot water system or the piping connected to the boiler by pipe fittings. In this case, using one of three connection types – side, diagonal, or lower. The height of the aggregates is from 30 to 80 cm Running hot water in the recirculation process gives the temperature of the towel rail and ensures its functioning.

This kind of model can have different configurations – the most popular options include the following:

  • coil;
  • m-shape;
  • vertical ladder, etc.

In some versions provide shelves, hooks and hangers for drying clothes. An interesting solution are rotary dryers, which can be in the right position.

For production of water heated towel rails use the following materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • galvanized steel; brass
  • copper.

Water crackers provides automatic temperature controller is the valve that controls the power flow, allowing the device to become hotter or weaker.

There are combined units – they implemented the scheme of water heating, but there is a heater powered by electricity.

If you decide to install a towel bar at home or thinking about replacing your old equipment, please contact us – on our site you can buy units of different types and sizes. This section presents reviews of models in retro style and spectacular state of the art appliances and choose the one you like! We'll send your purchase in Kiev or any other city that you call – get in touch!

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