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Showers and panels

Cubicles and panels – species and their characteristics

Shower panel and the cabin is a piece of equipment with which to equip the bathroom with the use of technological innovation, making richer the range of possibilities of the user and increase its comfort level. Today you have the opportunity to buy for your apartment model with optimal parameters and design a variety of products from different manufacturers with features for every taste.


Shower is sanitary structure used for water treatment, hydro-massage, wash, etc. currently, the market offers models of different types based on design, they can be divided into three categories:

  • Open – the simplest form, the main distinguishing feature of which is considered the lack of ceiling panels. Most of these modifications make the built-in angular, at least – wall. The sides are set walls, between which is placed a sliding or hinged door. Cabins of this type can be equipped with a sump or mounted directly on the floor – in the second case you need a small tilt toward the drain, through which water is discharged into the sewer. Among the advantages of this option include simplicity, affordable price and compact size. But the installation of such cabs is quite time consuming – need to pipe to run communications and to take care of powerful ventilation.
  • Closed – Autonomous structures, which are formed from the tray, the walls and ceiling. They are sealed and equipped with an impressive variety of options. They have features such as tropical and cold shower, thermostat, voice and touch control, as well as the possibility of listening to radio and music. The cab is fully sealed with sealant, therefore it has excellent soundproofing and the ability to maintain a stable temperature.
  • Combined – in such models the camera of colored or transparent PVC or glass blocks bathroom with bathtub. In a modification of a sealed type and an open structure without a ceiling unit. For installation of such boxes you need a unit of appropriate size – they are rarely compact.

Those who are planning to purchase a shower cabin, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Size and design – they must match the dimensions of the room. For a small area is better to choose a compact corner model.
  • Material pan in the market you can find products from iron, steel, artificial and natural stone, earthenware and acrylic.
  • Tray height – small modifications it is up to 3 cm, and the deep – up to 45 cm In the low pallets can be a problem with the connection of the siphon, so the selection will need to spend additional time or request a design without waste.
  • Type of doors – they are hinged, sliding on rollers, folding and hinged.
  • Material of the walls – often they are made of plastic or glass, processing composition "anticaps", prevents the appearance of plaque and the dirt on the surface.
  • Form – in sale you can find square, semicircular, rectangular hydro box, and asymmetrical designs.
  • Diameter of the spray holes with poor quality of water tiny holes quickly clogged with lime particles.

Shower panels

In small rooms it is not always advisable to place a cabin with a shower – this design may be too cumbersome. In this case, it is customary to install a wall panel for shower enclosure without shower – a very concise solution. The user reviews say that this option is practical and efficient, although when buying you should perform a number of factors:

the height of the spout; - type of mixer and top shower; - options – thermostat, touchless control, etc. - the materials of the stand and other details; - method of installation; - aesthetics.

Our online portal offers an impressive choice of shower panels and cabins – here you can purchase low cost Chinese machinery or elite models from top brands, developing sanitary ware of premium. We recommend you to carefully read the descriptions and photos of models, not to be mistaken with a choice. In addition, you can order everything you need for waterproofing of the box, as well as parts and accessories – shelves, sills, bottom valves, etc. included with the equipment is manual, in which you perform the installation and connection. Make your purchase, and we will take over the arrangements for the transfer to Kiev or another city – you don't have to wait long!

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