Configure the package "Base"

The minimum set of applications for comfortable use of the Internet. Set and sending multimedia messages. The use of multi-maps of the city.

  • Activate the device (language, time, date);
  • Adaptation of the SIM card;
  • Profile setting for polowanie mobile Internet;
  • Installation of the web browser;
  • Installing applications for social networks;
  • Installing the navigation of online maps;
  • Installation of the audio player;
  • Installation of video;
  • Installation organizzare;
  • Installing applications for music recognition;
  • Install apps for reading books;
  • Install a Torrent client;
  • Install off-line dictionary;
  • Installation of programs for remote access.
  • Install the application to edit mp3 audio files;
  • Set of 10 popular games;
  • Technical support for installed software.