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Kitchen sinks Grohe

Kitchen sinks Grohe is the ideal solution for the modern kitchen

Kitchen sinks Grohe convincingly illustrate the axiom that the German brands in terms of quality always a step ahead of manufacturers from other countries. Their releases company manufacturing sanitary ware and equipment for kitchens– in the international market, it enjoys an extremely large influence, as evidenced by sales statistics and expert reviews. Models of this brand combines stylish design, ergonomic design, clever features and a number of other benefits that are important from the point of view of the user.

An overview of the main features and characteristics

Kitchen sinks GROHE developed in the light of any demands from the modern consumer – the manufacturer has directed all its efforts to satisfy them to the maximum. All series and models allow the installation of any type of faucets – single lever, with two valves and touch. Spacious and deep basin gives you the opportunity to conveniently work with large amount of products and wash pots impressive size when you use a faucet with low spout.

For the manufacture of sinks uses high quality stainless steel and proprietary composite materials developed in their own laboratories. A special processing technology allows for special Mat structure the steel surface, it looks spectacular and has the best properties. Sinks made of a composite company produces black their design is designed in a sleek and elegant style.

Design type of these types of products can be divided into several subtypes:

  • One Cup; With two bowls;
  • Single sink and drainer; With two bowls and drainer.

The company develops models with different sinks – kitchen sink Grohe can have the following form:

square - rectangular - oval

Those who are planning to purchase a sink, you should pay attention to its dimensions – length, width, and depth are important parameters that affect the practicality of this particular model.


From kitchen sinks GROHE there are a number of serious advantages that they are in high demand:

  • Stylish design allows to integrate any of the models in a modern interior.
  • Stain-resistant surface eliminates the difficulty of care.
  • The use of technology Grohe Whisper allows you to minimize noise in operation.
  • Automatic drain allows you to open and close the opening to divert water, not immersed in her hands.
  • Pre-prepared seats for the mixer allow you to easily carry out installation.
  • In the product catalog Groe represented sinks, designed for different installation methods. Flush models are mounted flush with the countertop, and overhead – on top of it.

The kit includes the accessories needed for installation and the user manual with the description of the algorithm setup.

Online store DIDI Insider offers kitchen sinks Grohe different categories in the catalog presents an impressive range of models for every taste. You can order additional accessories required for the operation of the product. The products on the site are accompanied by detailed descriptions with photos and certificates of quality for each of them we give a guarantee. Place an order now and we'll deliver it to Kiev or any other city of our country!

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