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Installation systems and accessories

Installation of the system, and accessories – features and specifications

Modern trends in interior design include the use of special tools that can make your bathroom the most functional and aesthetic. One of them is the installation of the system, designed for flush mounting sanitary ware, all hoses, pipes and other utilities are disguised behind falshstenami.


The use of installation systems every year is gaining popularity, which is logical due to a number of important advantages:

  • Aesthetics – the place of connection of the sink, bidet and toilet bowls, and flush tanks and other elements are hidden and do not violate the integrity of interior design.
  • The possibility of installation anywhere in the bathroom – in such cases, use the building block modules, which are mounted on steel profiles and mask communication.
  • Implementation of structurally complex solutions to technology application installations allows functional and comfortable to install the toilets for people with disabilities. Functionality – this controls how the flush button on the tank or mixer wash basin brought out, and for the repair work provided by the audit window.
  • Comfort kits installation systems are equipped with anti-condensation and acoustic insulation.
  • Innovation – currently popular system without keys, equipped with sensors for automatic water draining.

Types of installation systems

Those who are planning to install in your home installation, you have the opportunity to buy models with different characteristics to select the best option is to read product reviews of different brands and user reviews. Will also need to take into account the room dimensions and the width of toilet, bidet and sink – it is important that the technique was not too cumbersome for a specific bathroom. A variety of installation kits the following types:

traditional – they are used for installing floor toilets and classic shells; - suspended – in this case the toilet is hung on a wall and the bowl is approximately at a height of 40 cm from the floor; - extra – this option is usually for console bowls; - the corner – the best solution for bathroom with small area.

You have the convenient ability of high-quality installation systems to buy on our online website – description and photo in the catalog give a maximum of useful information about the product and help you make the right choice. Each installation included are the details for mounting and installation instructions. To clarify the value of a specific model, warranty and delivery in Kiev or any other city you can get from our managers. Don't delay – call or email us!

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